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#Yung Millz TooLitty
Artist Name: Yung Millz TooLitty

Artist Bio

Well, I'm a person who believes an artist's best trait is diversity. You must be able to reach out to everyone with your music to create a solid bond between you and your listeners. My sound, for an amateur producer, is undoubtedly not original and too creative which shows my room for growth and improvement. I don't think I have much competition but myself because only I can bring myself down.

Tell us who you are:

I go by the name Malik aka Yung Millz TooLitty, I'm a 21-year-old Cape Town-based artist. I really just make music for the joy and emotional journey it takes you through, and by far it's been attracting different audiences which pushes me to go and reach my full potential.

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Song Title: On My Slimes

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