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Artist Name: VonRyan the Genius

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VonRyan the Genius is just of that, a Genius..if you dig back into his history or discography if you will; The Genius has gone by the name Chvkra Shocked since 2014 and has been a graphic designer for some of your favorite artist and brands, to add to that fact he has also done work for some of the largest Jewelers in Houston, Tx, he spent 2019-2021 designing CAD’s for some of the worlds top entertainers! He is the owner of The Genius Management company and has a catalog of 7 talents whom have been on the rise since the start of the company! He is signed to The Universe Records where he calls his forever home because, in his own words, “Independent Creativity Has No Limitations”.

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VonRyan the Genius, is from Nashville, Tn — residing in Houston, Tx. His melodic And witty bars will keep you on edge as he swaps up his flow!

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Instagram: @VonRyanTheGenius
Design IG: @ChvkraShocked
Twitter: @VonTheGenius


VonRyan “The Genius” Elrod: Serial Entrepreneur Set to Debut His Networking Brand

Song Title: $amillionaire

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