Viral Marketing: Get Featured on Music Blogs

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Viral Marketing: Getting Started
Every musician has dreamt of having millions of views on their new music video. Having that many eyes on a song and video you have worked hard on will familiarize your name with tons of new fans. Increasing your audience is one of the major steps to becoming a world-wide known artist. Viral SoundCloud is a tactic to used to grow popularity for a video, image, or meme. However, it is quite difficult to achieve. Even some of the most successful musicians and celebrities struggle with getting content to go viral. So, how can a musician make their content eligible to be “viral”? It all starts with exposure. Let’s dive into the basics.

Viral Marketing: The Basics
Marketing your music and videos through popular influencers is one way to get ahead of the pack. However, the price for that is generally steep. Unless you have a pre-existing relationship with somebody famous who is willing to share their shine with you to their audience – it is going to cost. Chances are, unless you have made the most amazing and viral worthy music video, it’s going to take some SoundCloud.
Music video viral SoundCloud consists of getting your video in front of as many people as possible. A great method for this is music blog promotion. Getting your video featured on blogs will put you among many of the top artists within the music industry. These are certified traffic sources with their own audiences and a great tool for exposure. If your video gets viewed by many people, it increases the chance for viral SoundCloud. Additionally, music blog promotion can be used for many other purposes. Verification relies on publications. Most noteworthy, when a music business professional is trying to figure out how successful you might become – they can see that you are on blogs as a reference point. This helps!
Viral SoundCloud all comes down to strategy and a realistic approach. If your video isn’t deemed worthy of virality – that’s ok. Try again if it isn’t happening organically. However, some times all you need is help from a professional. Check out View Maniac for any of our music SoundCloud Soundcloud promotion services to get you started today!
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