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Artist Name: Viel April

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my unique musical 🎵 life of entertainment fuses Heavy rap and Hip hop with Phenomenal Suppression energy that will make you want to Dreams 💭, come true make changes right choices to make a change .

Now hailed as ' Most crispy rapper ' by N j , Viel April have released over 3 records and have released an impressive 3 records.

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Namibian rapper VIEL APRIL most crispy artist in the southern east, he Rap and as a producer by that considers himself the best upcoming artist one of the most loved singer and Namibia's most influential upcoming artist. He has established himself as one of the biggest hot upcoming rapper
Originally from Angola And 2018 started rapping in the streets and On the first day he had crowds spilling onto the street, so Thought about continuing In 2019, April made chart history when He released his first song mind work that reached 218k plays on boom play plus on May 2019, he released a single title verified has reached #30 in 30 countries
VIEL April has showcased his staggering voice across performances of his singles

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Song Title: Verified

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