Video Placement: Submit Your Music Video Today!

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Video Placement: Getting Started
For most musicians, the objective should be getting your music in front of as many people as possible. Unless you have already made it, and chances are – you haven’t. This is where video placement can come in handy. Having the ability to get your music video featured on blogs, in stores, and playing in gyms can grow your fan base rapidly. Additionally, with music video submission there is opportunities to even get placements on major networks such as MTV, Fuse, BET, and others. However, this is generally subject to approval. Most noteworthy, with a stand out music video via video placement you may even find your way onto radio. The sky is the limit.

Video Placement: The Basics
Creating brand awareness via music video submission is a great tool for growth. Working with View Maniac will make this process easier. We make sure that the video you submit is eligible to be picked up in video pools. Especially relevant, direct submission can drive powerful video campaigns which maximizes your global awareness. With fitness gym placements, retail stores, movie theaters, and major video networks picking from our pool, all you have to do is submit your video. We are able to take care of the closed captioning to prepare your music video for television. However, your video will have to meet certain requirements in regard to quality and content.
Retail stores such as Foot Locker, Champs, H&M, Journeys, Old Navy, Guess, and many more all feature videos from our clients. Additionally, View Maniac also works with many movie theaters and can get your music video featured in front of an audience before the previews. Establishing yourself and brand is possible with the right resources. It all begins with music video submission. Reach out to get started today!
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