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TwoOnIt Hailing From Asbury Park, NJ Recently Moving To Atlanta, Ga To Fulfill His Passion For Music Which Is Driven By The Life He Once Knew and The Things He Has Been Threw In His Journey. TwoOnIt Music Style Is Much Similar to Group Mixed All In One Asking How Is That TwoOnIt Is Sure To Keep You On Your Feet With Every Song Because You Never Know What To Expect Coming From TwoOnIt Except Two Things And One is That's The Song Is About To Be A Hit And Two Why Haven’t You Listen To Him Any Sooner, Other Than Music Making TwoOnIt Is Into Acting and Has Been In Movies such as Queen's Gambit ,TwoOnIt Also Loves to Write Plays, And Hopes To Pursue A Career in The Music Biz No Matter What It is Along Its Music involved

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TwoOnit is a new upcoming musician in the hip-hop game. Recently residing in Atlanta but hailing from New,Jersey his music is driven by the stories he picked up on his journey. TwoOnit’s music is real, raw and, above all, fun. It’s about making the most out of life but it also speaks to people who just want to chill. His latest single Lika Fool was released just a couple months ago and No Trouble was released just before that. TwoOnit’s music influences come from all over and his music is a fresh mix of genres. Don’t sleep on this one

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Song Title: Palm Tree Breeze

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Contact Artist: Bgottib@gmail.com

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