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Artist Name: Tirus

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The South African born and raised artist, Tshepo Nobela (10 May 1998) is nothing less than the future of the new generation. He is widely known for the versatile sound ranging from Afro-pop to R&B and the modern Hip-Hop, which seems to grant him the ability to work with a wide range of artists. He is not only a recording artist but also a composer, producer, mixing and mastering engineer fully equipped with the knowledge and skills he had acquired during his academic studies for a diploma in Audio Technology.

Recognised for his distinctive and impeccable sound quality accompanied by mesmerising beats with lush melodically structured vocals, where he introduces his audience to a distinct sound with lush vocals imprinted on popular African hip-hop sound. He has proven himself to be a valuable member within the music industry by not only working on himself, but also recording, mixing and mastering music by countless other artists in his circle such as, Manu Worldstar, Luna Florentino, Saudi, 808x, TxB, Lunatik, Flex Rabanyan, VegasXCesar, Klassy and many more.

Currently, he runs his a constantly striving record label ‘Sociale Records (Pty) Ltd’ which is a stable to artists like Landoe Shadow. He is driven purely by his passion for the music industry and its legal operations that he took it upon himself to help other artists along his career path.

He clearly has a lot more to offer and looks to be releasing music and visuals for as long as he stays at Sociale Records (Pty) Ltd. Stay tuned in for a life-changing experience.

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Driven by his obsession with quality audio, Tirus introduces us to an out of world experience with heavily his auto-tuned vocals that standing out on hard beats and melodies. Eminent for his versatility and ability to tap into one’s emotion through relatable topics and cut throat content.You can hear the African ethnicity in his music even though his content is well received on an international scale as he experiments with the popular genres in the mainstream.

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Song Title: Priddy Yeah

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