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My name is Timtone. I’ve been in the music industry awhile now going way back. I decided to make a record label and have been running it for a while now called Smiley Family Records. I got the name from a inspiration from a game on PlayStation 2 called manhunt rockstar games made it there was a gang called smiley killers and I kinda just tried to roll off of that because and being Viking and hood and down with the clown. I got into the music game from a lot of idles of mine going from underground music to all types. Lo key, juice wrld etc. what I love in life is what I put into my music. I grew up in a rough area and had it kinda hard growing up. I had a handicap brother I help to take care of and having to make money to keep family fed and worrying about bills it was rough growing up. I wanna blow the name up smiley family I wanna see it grow so big I can’t control it and make the biggest family with my fans and have everyone together something like “juggalos” from insane clown posse (icp) but in my own way. From are family to you Much smiley love everyone

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Timtone the name and on that gangster I gun you down style and that deep make you wanted cry like

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Song Title: Run up

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