The Rude Awakening “Squeal!”

by | Aug 9, 2020 | Artists to Watch


The first release of 2020 from The Rude Awakening continues the exploration of the human condition, this time with a single that has a distinctly uptempo electropop sensibility to it. With the Covid crisis still trundling along, we certainly need all the upbeat music we can get.

‘Squeal!’ is a bouncy pop outing with a sturdy bass synth foundation to it. The vocal delivery offers up a back and forth dialogue, giving a male/female discussion of intimacy about what their partner desires (“Tell me all your darkest dreams and what they mean to you”).

As we noted previously, with the earlier release ‘Fuck Puppet’, the juxtaposition between Bridget’s gossamer vocals and Johnny’s more emphatic delivery lends The Rude Awakening’s material an intriguing spectrum of contrasts. ‘Squeal!’ continues in that tradition.

Meanwhile, the new release also comes with remixes care of Mr. Strange, Patrik Kambo, Jan Doyle Band, Eminent, Mechanical Cabaret and Subject:2.

The Patrik Kambo mix lends ‘Squeal!’ a more muscular club vibe and jumps out as possibly the best of the bunch. But there’s sterling efforts from Mr Strange, who weaves in more electronic elements into the chemistry, while the Jan Doyle Band mix gives the song a more stripped-down raw feel. The Mechanical Cabaret remix opts for a starker electronic/industrial makeover.

‘Squeal!’ is out 10th July on Pink Dolphin Music/AbNormal.

The Rude Awakening instagram is … therudeawakening69


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