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Artist Name: Tayler Jade

Artist Bio

Tayler’s musical style and tone is described as very “soulful” rooted in Hip Hop, R&B and Pop influences. Her original music is anchored in this “soulful” tone and involves themes of love, heartbreak, conflicted relationships, and the everyday experiences of teenage youth. Self-empowerment, anti-bullying and positive thinking is at the core of who she is as a person and is a common thread within her music and personal brand. The artistry of Tayler Jade, whether it is in the songs she writes, video treatments, her personal style, or her expressive choreography is an interpretation of how she is documenting influential things in her life as she is experiencing it. Her music is her story that she hopes can help others in their time of need the same way music has helped her through some very dark times.

Tell us who you are:

“Ever since I was a young girl, I struggled to find a sense of both my inner and outer confidence. Then I discovered the stage. Growing up with parents who used athletics for self-confidence and identity, I never felt compelled or inspired to go outside and kick a ball around with neighborhood kids. I felt more comfortable alone, in my room and in my personal thoughts. One day I was asked by a girlfriend to attend a musical theatre camp and then my life changed forever. The stage was a place where I could transform and invent myself. A place where I could grow up and become a strong woman like my mother and inspire others to find their spotlight…This is my journey, my story…”

– Tayler Jade

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Song Title: Whatever You Say

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