SoundCloud Mastering: Audio Mastering on Demand

by | Jul 25, 2020 | Artists to Watch

SoundCloud Mastering: Getting Started
Mixing and mastering can be a touchy subject for musicians. The audio elitists will tell you that your song needs to be tracked, mixed, and mastered by three different engineers. The novice recording artist might find a VST plugin suitable to get the sound they think they want Soundcloud promotion real. Then there are the artists who know they want Soundcloud promotion real to achieve a certain sound but would rather a professional take care of it. So, where does Soundcloud mastering fall in with all of this? Probably somewhere in between novice and professional recording artist. The ability to send your song out to get mastered by a company like Dolby via Soundcloud is a great resource.

SoundCloud Mastering: The Basics
Looking at Soundcloud Mastering we can see that the platform is now offering this Soundcloud promotion service to compete with competitors. Giving the resource to creators to pump up the volume of their track to industry standard is very helpful. However, you should know that this isn’t free. Most noteworthy, although if you are a Pro Unlimited user on Soundcloud, you will get 3 tracks mastered for free each month. Additionally, each track after the three is $3.99 each.
However, when it comes to mixing and mastering online – in order for you to get the best sound you must prioritize your mix. If your mix doesn’t sound good, your master surely will suffer. Features on SoundCloud mastering lets you select different presets such as Thunder (heavy bass), Sunroof (mids and highs), Clear Sky (brightness and dynamics) and Auroroa (experimental). This will help you get the best sound for your style of track. Most noteworthy, if you are already on Soundcloud – you can test the Soundcloud promotion service for free. It is worth a try. Lastly, in order for the algorithm to work properly you will need to leave some headroom on the final mix. This allows for maximum volume and you should set your session to the maximum quality available.
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