SoundCloud Branding: Styling Your Profile for Success

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Artists to Watch

SoundCloud Branding: Getting Started
When musicians look toward different social platforms to share their music – SoundCloud is hardly overlooked. This is because it is a well-known commodity for musicians and music fans. Furthermore, SoundCloud has actually gotten so popular, that there are sub-genres named after the platform. However, just because a platform is extremely popular – it doesn’t mean everybody is using it to its max potential. What is often overlooked is the stylization of your profile. This is why SoundCloud branding should play a large part within your SoundCloud promotion campaign. Especially relevant, a professionally designed profile could give you a step up over your peers. Take a few minutes to learn how to spruce up your profile and get started today.

SoundCloud Branding: The Basics
SoundCloud branding is way more than just having nice pictures on your profile. As you begin to style your profile for success, you need to have a vision for yourself. SoundCloud promotion requires building a campaign around a specific artist, based on style and aesthetic – this helps find the people who will resonate with your music the best. However, there are some essentials that should be covered. First and foremost, you need to have a username that is easy to type and remember. Try to avoid the underscores, numbers, and if you can – keep it uniform with your other social network usernames. Fans can easily get confused or discouraged when they can’t find your profile because you have different usernames on each platform.
After you have established your username, you should set your banner up to match your website and other profiles. This keeps a cohesive and recognizable design across each platform. Additionally, it delivers an air of professionalism. Once you have established a banner, you should focus on your album Soundcloud promotion package covers. Keep these up to par as well. Your look should be consistent across the board. From your banner, to your cover art, and to your avatar.
Optimizing your profile with a well written bio and social links should be considered a necessity. After you have done this, your profile should be ready for any SoundCloud promotion campaign you are about to begin.
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