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Artist Name: Sophia Venn

Artist Bio

Sophia Sun Xiao han Venn
International Chinese Pop Singer-C-pop
English name: Sophia Venn
Singer, Music Producer, Songwriter
Masterpiece: "battlefield", "kiss me" Domestic: "I love you"
Overseas: Wo Ai Ni, Do you Remember
(Genre: Pop, Rock, R & B, Rap, etc.)
Language: Chinese and English
The album was released worldwide, and overseas Spotify music "WoAi Ni" was downloaded at 23.5K.
Loved by overseas fans, Japan, Singapore,
Taiwan platform Friday music "WoAiNi"
Top 10 popular results

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My name is Sophia Venn, A singer-songwriter from the bustling cityscapes of modern China, Sophia Venn has arrived on the international music scene with an unforgettable dance-rap EDM Anthem. A hybrid between worlds and genres

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Song Title: Save me

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