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As pretty much stated before , As an artist i am the sad/mad version of myself and i get into character a lot , i like to create scenery out of my music and help tell stories others can relate too or sometimes just personal to myself , i just want the world to feel they can heal themselves from my music as i suffered enough to be able to write everything i write. I am also the most genuine, chillest person you might ever meet or know as an artist and human , you should also know i am and will forever be humble. I love all fans as my own family , its not about the money , the fame , anything i just have a point to prove to certain people and myself. I Will Heal The World, Save lives , and Re-Create.

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My Name Is Dreamz , I Am An Artist Not Many Know About Yet But Definitely Will Real Soon. I Come from a very sad/hard lifestyle , the story of my life is far too long to explain but to some it up ive been through the worse , i attempted suicide, i lost many friends.. i was born in South Bronx , NY but Raised In Ohio , mostly Cincinnati , Ohio . As Far as my music and what you can expect .. well everything and anything as i am not limited and can do almost any genre , mostly hip hop/alternative hip hop and alternative rock , i also make some rare scream music , i am mostly a sad artist but also make hard songs as in trap hip hop , jus expect the unexpected when it comes to me – Dreamz

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Song Title: Trapped In A Dungeon

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