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Artist Name: Shaye Pratik

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Shaye Pratik born in India and he was always trying something new about his music last year 2020 he released his first single "Turn Myself" and his song was not getting engaged people so he decided to improve his music style so after mid-2020 he released his second song " Nothing Feels Had Without You" after to song released he noticed that something wrong with his music so he tryna something different music so he made his drumkit and after he his drumkit he knows he wanted to make R&B Soul type beats after he made beats and he released his third song "Say Hi ". After mid-June 25 Shaye Pratik released his EP is called "Rearrange" so this ep inspired by himself and how you dealing with your emotions with anxiety and someone who truly loves you. Mid august Pratik released his new single "Close" this song is about when had a crush on a girl.

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I'm Shaye Pratik I'm a singer, music producer, songwriter. My music makes you feel chill, sometimes you want to remember that you have to be sad sometimes.

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Song Title: Close

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