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Artist Name: Shaquille Links

Artist Bio

Most of his creativity comes from growing up listening to many different musical genres and artists from the likes of “ Aretha Franklin , Earth Wind & Fire to many of the modern day stars such as “Chris Brown ,Usher & Drake”. He has morphed this unique taste for music into his own blend of sound

Currently under the watch by Def Jam Africa A&Rs as well UMG Canada.

His Debut EP “ If I Hurt You , I’m Sorry” which dropped in September has just over 40k streams independently.

Tell us who you are:

Shaquille Links, known professionally as LINK$ (often stylized as LNX) , the 21 year old creative, is a South African singer-songwriter & audio engineer born in Cape Town / South Africa.

known for he's vocal abilities he does not limit himself to a specific genre but often shows his flexibility in his musical choice and style , the young creative brings his own unique sound to the industry

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/shaquillelinks_

Twitter: www.twitter.com/shaquillelinks_

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0BfNMoPVOOZWZHHYxi4P3O?si=R907yIimRGiW-VjzTfRb-g

Song Title: FALLING

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Contact Artist: officialnxza@gmail.com

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