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Artist Name: Sarajevo 84

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In 2019 they carried out the ‘Carry On’ tour, squeezing the most out of their second EP. On the stage, they project the full power of their songs to an audience that connects quickly. Some of the most popular clubs like Milwaukee, Revolver, Siroco, Prince or Fun House have re- ceived their music, sharing stage with famous Spanish artists like El Canijo de Jerez, Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba or Sexy Zebras. In addition, they are proclaimed winners of the 2019 EDP RnR Madrid Marathon band contest, winning the final with a concert in the Joy Slava Club and performing in Liverpool for two days as a prize.

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Fresh and powerful alternative rock band from Granada (Spain), with lyrics in English, are in- fluenced, among others, by garage-rock or power-pop. The quartet is made up of Miguel García (drums), Débora G. Izquierdo “PenélopeLaMala” (bass and choirs), Óscar “Nienor” (lead guitar) and Andrés Martínez (main voice and rhythm guitar).

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Song Title: K-POP

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