Artist Name: rungano

Artist Bio

As a artist myself, i feel like you can’t put me in a category like i can do all types of music even your favorite type of music i can do. I love exploring different sounds of music and i’m not a one dimensional person i’ll give you whatever you need. I feel like i have potential to be the hottest if i was to blow right now.

Tell us who you are:

i’m rungano, a kid out of indianapolis, i’m 16 years old been in music since i was 3. i grew up playing instruments in church and learning how to sing and rap and all that. When people listen to my music, i want my music to touch their soul snd give them a good feeling of what’s being heard. if i can’t do that for every song i make them my mission has failed. What’s so unique about my music is that it’s very different from the average sounding artists you would hear today. I feel like i can take over this game with my versatility and my talents and how i’m able to produce a different sound on everything i touch.

Discover this artist:

They can learn that you will hear something different everytime you hear about me and listen to my music.


Song Title: high

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Contact Artist: rxngano@gmail.com

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