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Artist Name: Red RAW

Tell us something about you that fans should know:

Red RAW something you've never saw, soon to sing out of your jaw, what comes out your lips makes you shake your hips.
Gingerbread Ind.
Most of my music is voice recorded and mixed with a free beat depending I may buy the beat, and is all self produced, below is the outline of the beginning.
Don't Ponder the Genre

I bought a Mac and a mic, May 28th 2021, never had anything to do with music, I just want my brother to be heard… To change the world, away from the cold, showing the young how to be bold.
Something like Romeo, just singing in memory of my Bro, for this I know owe

The 23rd of June the tribute song for my late brother was created then to the 26th of June I created and produced another 7. These are the ones available on my soundcloud without a number at the start.

I had no previous knowledge or musical bone in my body, I'd struggle playing the triangle!
I took a month break to understand the process of publishing to youtube and did this. I have an album with 5 songs on all outlets through DistroKid.

Since July 26th I have recorded 130 songs. Most were done freestyle
released 60 songs on my soundcloud

But I have only made 15 viewable.

My aim is to use music to try and change the look of the world and make a happy and positive impact.

I love you David, this is for you my brother ❤

Where are you from and what’s the music scene like there?

I am from the western suburbs, Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

The music scene is great everywhere, just I think what's said in the song isn't always positive.
Seeing music is a great avenue that humans use to escape reality, what better way then to direct that through music.
I think with the way I word things, I have a great chance at targeting the youth of the world and changing the game,

You can follow me and check out my stuff here:



Let’s have a listen to the new Red RAW track:



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