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I started playing piano with my grandma with 4 years, with 8 years heading for guitar classes, had my first band with 14 as lead vocals and guitar, our first vinyl release when I was 17, wrote some musicals with my bandmates for my college and than jammed around whenever there was a chance.

In 2019 I decided to restart writing songs again (Little Song), and recently focussing more and more on this. I love to play around with new styles, so there's deffo nearly no genre and style, I do not like (although coming originally from Rock and Blues).

Early 2021 I realised something I always wanted to to, some movie score / soundtrack alike symphonic work ("Seven Miles").

My latest release right now is Choco Loko, some funky groovy fun piece, garnished with the lovely sensual voice of a loved friend in Colombia, called "Mi Cari", standing for "Mi cariño" (my honey). Other songs are in progress, and hope to release them soonish.

My instruments beside of singing: Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, started practicing Ukulele lately

Let me know about any other thing, you'd like to know.

Cheers, Phil

Tell us who you are:

Hi, I'm Phil Bauch, born in '71 in Hamburg/Germany and living now for nearly 20 years in Málaga/Spain. In daily life I'm a web, graphic and motion designer and photographer. But there's a deeper passion since I was young: Guess, you guessed it: Music.

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https://music.phil-bauch.com (official website)

Whatsapp / Phone: +34 662 013 107

Song Title: Choko Loko

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Contact Artist: music@phil-bauch.com

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