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Artist Name: Ozboarn

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the feeling of music to me was familiar , crowning up in my church going
family shit plus being light skinned music was away for me continue
this thing call life so every chance I got I learn all I could myself
and once moms pass streets was where I had.
that where I met my brother from another hooliganradguitar5 ro-james who was grammy nominated
asap nas v-lone ceo asap barri, firemanbands Ect to name a few .help me and became some closer than others family connected my the same frequency …

Tell us who you are:

im what you would call a
empath star seed
#3 decembers fallen angle
arrived to a city call New York
89 crake baby with all types
to shit waiting for me being the only light skin one in
black family,
I knew there was something about me I just couldn't remember.all I know is I could not stop singing

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follow my social media , and all streaming plats
let the wholes on the side of your cranium intake the
sonics … you'll feel me…lol (yeah)

eh ma I

Song Title: dead broke

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