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Recording Artist: O.C.

“I am from England, Philippines and born in France, Paris. I currently live in Madrid. I love music, as I believe it has the power to change the world, and that is what I want to do with my life, instead of working at a pointless job for money. I have only just started, however everyone I get to listen to my songs fall in love, it is hard as in Spain English music isn’t the most popular. However, I get streams from all over the world with friends reposting my songs who live in many places. The songs I have released are just the begging, as now I have grown into my music more and developed a new sound. When the quarantine is over I will record the new songs I have created with my producer, which I believe will be a completely new sound to hip hop. regardless I believe my song “No Signal” is my best one out at the moment, as it’s lyrics touch people heart and minds, all I ask is for you to listen to it and wait for my new songs. I will be using this service when they are released as I want to invest everything possible into my music, as it is my single greatest motivation.”

Listen to O.C. on SoundCloud:

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