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Artist Name: Nsy Roro

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I only have 3 songs out right now and am already a verified artist on Spotify. I have big plans for the summer and have music coming out with the likes of Iam3am,mace supreme, and many more. The first single I had ever released ''Everywhere'' went live on I heart Radio.

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Hello, my name is Nsy Roro and I am an upcoming musician from Ontario, Canada. My sound is very different compared to the typical Canada/Toronto rap scene right now. I plan to bring listeners of all ages together through my diverse beat selection, clever lyricism, catchy flows, and unique sound. I am strongest in my hip hop and r&b but am coming with indie, rock, and pop music. I make music that would resonate with those who are fans of Drake, J Cole, Cordae, Chance The Rapper, Bryson tiller, and many more. So many people are becoming rappers nowadays because of how easy it is to blow up, without any true passion and hopes on longevity towards the genre and just being an artist in general. I have a true passion for music and have been making it for years. Unlike most ‘’rappers’’ nowadays I am here to complete the race of longevity and will be looked at as one of my greats one day. As I am only 14 I have so much room to grow and to become a successful musician before high school ends. You can find me on all platforms as ‘’Nsy Roro’’.

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