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Artist Name: Nathvn

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I specialize in Singing and playing classical instruments. and I focus on The depth of lyrics and the essence of the instrumental to convey the proper message through song. I also enjoy working with other artists and producers to help me grow as an artist/producer. One is never to old to start learning and music has a broad field of concepts that I'm eager to learn. My music style is sincere vocals, deep instrumentals. The genre I consider myself to thrive in is Pop(Singer-songwriter) but I dive into Hip-hop ever so often. I am motivated by Family, friends, life experiences and emotions. I've been creating art for 5 years.My work has shown at Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music etc.. When people see my work, I hope they experience The passion and intensity behind every word and beat of the song.

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My name is Nathan Mohamed, I'm from a small town situated in the Northern Cape, Kimberley, South Africa and go by the artist name "Nathvn". I grew up in a very religious and classically trained household, with my father being a pastor. I was privileged to grow up musically inclined due to my entire family branch being musicians. I started playing the recorder from a very young age and later progressed to Violin. A few years later here I am singing, playing various instruments including cello, clarinet, organ and piano.I create music because It's the most expressive form of communication, music takes ideas from the heart and soul and translates it perfectly to one another..

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Song Title: Bliss

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