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#Nagster Ellazim
Artist Name: Nagster Ellazim

Artist Bio

I'm just regular dude who's always in the studio or at home making beats that relatable and therapeutic to my listeners and hearing them freestyle or sing. I just want to keep making my own unique kind of beats and see everyone's reaction and make relatable music that they can connect to.

Tell us who you are:

Hey my name is Nagster Ellazim, I'm a music producer from London. The beats that i make is a mixture of hip hop and R&B/Soul where most of the beats i make are based on true stories and experiences from me or my family and friends. I feel like my beats are unique because when you listen to these beats you can hear within the name of the beat that it's relatable message and therapeutic to me and everyone who supports the music.

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Song Title: i like her vibes

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