Music Video Placement: Building Brand Awareness

by | Aug 8, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Music Video Placement: Getting Started

As a musician it may feel like you can only control so much. However, while your initial focus should be on creating great high-quality music – you will quickly learn that branding is everything. Furthermore, a brand transcends more than the visual or audio representation. A well-produced brand is a presence. Brand awareness goes beyond a color scheme or a recognizable logo. For example, think of cotton swabs. If you showed one to a group of people, many people would refer to it as a “Q-tip”. Why is that? How did “Q-tip” become the most common name for a cotton swab? The answer is brand awareness. For musicians, it is not easy to define a genre by one artist. Although, if you were to ask somebody to name some popular artists within a genre, it is likely there will be a few common artists mentioned. This is achievable by expanding your audience. Music video placement is a great way to start.

music video placement

Music Video Placement: The Basics

Looking beyond SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – you are probably wondering how to get your music videos on MTV or other channels. Believe it or not, it is possible. Music video submission with View Maniac can place videos on large platforms. Operating the largest video pool online with direct submission it is now possible to create video campaigns that will drive global brand awareness. Many musicians are not aware of this opportunity so many miss out. However, music video placement can be as simple as submitting your video and Soundcloud and Spotify links for review. After a successful submission it is possible to have your music video placed on major Soundcloud reposts, retail stores, movie theaters, and within gyms.

Get in touch with View Maniac today to explore music video placement opportunities. Now is the best time to maximize your brand awareness.

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