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Mookie Tolliver showcases his raw musical talent like never before. His smooth tone of voice and melodic harmonies, provide a unique listening experience for fans worldwide. One song in particular that stands out the most is track 2 titled “WYD” featuring Sammie. Having the backing of an artist who achieved a top 25 Billboard Hot 100 hit (“I Like It”), is allowing Tolliver to tap into a bigger fan base respectfully. Alongside Sammie, you can expect to hear Dondria on a single titled “Forever”. Forever set the tone for the entire project, as the music video shows off the Illinois native’s authenticity in an eye appealing way.

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Rising R&B star Mookie Tolliver has what it takes to make it big in the music business. Returning to the scene with an impressive new EP titled More About Love, Toliver is showing the world that his voice deserves to be heard. Hailing from Madison, IL Mookie decided that the only way out of the poverty-stricken neighborhood was to master his craft in order to not become a product of his environment. Finding success in working with mainstream acts such as mainstream R&B acts Sammie, Dondria this release is taking Tolliver sound to new heights.

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Song Title: Forever ft Dondria

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Contact Artist: bookmookietolliver@gmail.com

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