Miss Freddye On “Chasing The Blues” Podcast

by | Oct 29, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Blues/Gospel Singer Miss Freddye Shares an Incredible Story of Bravery and Perseverance – Chasing the Blues 2/Ep 29

On Episode 29 of Chasing the Blues Season 2, Tom Forst spends some time with Freddye Stover, aka Miss Freddye. For the past 25 years, Miss Freddye has been singing the blues throughout her Western Pennsylvania hometown of Pittsburgh. From barrooms and nightclubs, to charity events, VFWs and American Legions, Miss Freddye is often recognized as the town’s Leading Lady of the Blues. In fact, she has also been recognized on the national music scene with two Blues Foundation Awards nominations for her 2017 album, Lady Of The Blues.

Miss Freddye is an artist with an incredible story of bravery and perseverance which she shares with Tom in this insightful interview, including her experiences as a breast cancer survivor, as well as her work as a surgical nurse helping treat other cancer patients. She also discussed her experience using music to help her son who is on the spectrum Autism to break through, himself becoming a harmonic player and her number one fan!

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Chasing the Blues is a weekly audio podcast hosted by blues rock guitarist and recording artist Tom The Suit Forst. Now in its second season with over 75 episodes in total, the podcast recently launched a YouTube television show on YouTube, with John Oates of Hall and Oates appearing in the debut episode. Chasing the Blues is sponsored by Blues Festival Guide Magazine, which Bobby Rush calls his “roadmap to the blues.”  

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