Artist Name: misato

Artist Bio

I make music that primarily relieves me from the emotions I am feeling then and there, so this song 'childish' is quite personal to me and fits in the bedroom pop, indie pop genre. I use a lot of harmonies throughout the song as when I listen to music, my favorite songs and albums to listen to often have a lot of harmonious sections that I think is a 'hug to the ears'. Therefore, I really love using a lot of harmonies and vocal layering throughout the song for others to hopefully have this sensation of warmth and a 'hug to the ears'.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Misato, I'm 19, Japanese and grew up in Singapore. I currently live in London and make music on my own. I'm a singer-songwriter, and self-produce currently.

Discover this artist:

On my instagram (@misato.niwa), I've also uploaded an igtv of a song I started to make one in the summer. As well as some covers here and there.

Song Title: childish

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Contact Artist: misatosmusic@gmail.com

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