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Artist Name: Mike Beasty

Artist Bio

Mike Beasty Is One Half of The Dynamic Duo "Guilty Pleasure", Who Throughout His Career Has Dropped Multiple Project's As Well As Shared Stage's and Collab's With Many Mainstream Artist Like: AfroMan, Big V, Bezz Believe, Stevie Stone and King Iso. Mike Beasty Is a Power House Full Of Energy and High Quality Lyricism, Witch Has Lead Him To Multiple OEAA and Omaha Hip Hop Award Nomination's, Traveling To Multiple Cites Showcasing His Campaign, and Overall Loving What He Does!!!

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Hello It's Mike Beasty, Your Lyrical Powerhouse, I Hope You Enjoy My Video's and I Look Forward To Working With You!

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You Can Find Link's To All My Social Media/Video's/DSP's and More Here:

Song Title: The Alpha

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Contact Artist: Mikebeasty.booking@gmail.com

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