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Recording Artist: Meelk

“It’s in few DJ/producer’s crew that Meelk start on stage offering his Bass Music set.

After he played in big gigs like the Bassodrome Festival or promotion events for the Outlook Festival he decides to dedicate himself in the production.

In December 2018 he released his first album ’The Birth’ on Hadra Altervision Records and start touring in few festivals.

His universe can be described by a dark, hypnotic, powerful and psychedelic
sound. Passionate of sound design he gradually developed and cultivated a sound that belongs to him.

Meelk also work into composing music for video projects.

After the success of his previous album released in 2018, Meelk is
proud to present his new EP called «Catharsis PT.1».
Expressing through his work his notion of «Catharsis», he offers us
a journey between melodic and experimental Bass Music.
By letting his emotions express themselves, giving them a support,
a «stage» to represent themselves, Meelk delivers here a very
intense and personal work.”

Listen to Meelk on SoundCloud:

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