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Some of his notable releases have earned millions of plays accross music platforms. a true superstar who had has his music featured in major Hollywood movies such as "Peelers" (2016), Fort Tilden ( 2014) and TV Shows MTV "Making Menudo" and Super Shore by MTV Spain and MTV Latin America.

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Lokixximo is the stage name of Artist Argenis Gomez, a well-known singer, rapper, record producer and song composer. This Dominican artist has made a huge name for himself in the latin urban world with some of his greatest hits like ‘Noche Europea’, ‘Yo No Cojo Esa’, ‘Sin Pelicula’ and ‘Chimichurry’. His unstoppable work ethic secured him the #1 position in the MTV TR3'S Dame un Break national competition , where his music video for "Noche Europea" hit Top 10 Latin videos of the week.

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Song Title: ELLA TA BIEN

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