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Artist Name: Laskii

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I've been in a few local bands, but nothin' crazy yet. I really look up to convolk, skele, guardin, lil tracy, lil peep. I grew up listening to a lot of post-hardcore, metalcore, swancore, etc. I helped out a lot with Victory Records, Thrasher, and Vans Warped Tour. I now still do promotions with Fearless Records to help spread news of released music and upcoming shows! I've been supporting local bands and just love getting involved to grow the community.

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Hi, my name is Laskii. I live in Alaska, and I really hope to bring more attention to this state. In my spare time, I love to hike, pan for gold, road trip, go to shows, play videogames and watch netflix. I think people would love my music because I hope it's something they can relate to. Going through the motions, getting caught up in a moment, and I hope my lyrics will mean something to someone. I care about expressing myself through creativity vs doing it for money or fame. I just want my voice to be heard and collab with people I look up to. Creating art and living in the moment.

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Song Title: Broken & Hollow

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