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Artist Name: Kellen Good

Artist Bio

With relaxing and meditative beats, energetic speaker bleeders, and everything in between, Kellen Good will provide the euphoria, the imagination, the emotion and the intensity you crave.

Having shared the stage with some of the greats of his community such as: Pegboard Nerds, Paris Blohm, Borgore and more, it's a safe bet you'll hear more from Kellen Good.

Tell us who you are:

Hey I'm Kellen Good! I feel like I'm a secret weapon for music. I've produced so many different genres successfully and I get real inspiration from artists and bands across so many styles. I love being unique and different. It's also the reason I am still building my brand. I don't make super easy to digest music.

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Song Title: Tell Me

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Contact Artist: Kellengoodmusic@gmail.com

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