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Kaotic One is a musician(Rapper,guitarist) out of Tucson,Az originally from Fresno,Ca.
Kaotic One gets his unique and original sound from being around/in the music scene since 2004 off and on and from being around and friends with musicians that have majorly influenced the music scene. His influences range from Eminem,Fort minor,Mac Dre to Korn,NiN, and Sliptknot
Kaotic One started off as a freestylist in highschool, having fun at lunch time kicking rhymes with the other rappers at Central High East and then progressed to recording in the studio where he found his own style and out side the box type of way of relaying relatable topics and subjects through his versus with his lyrics. The theme of never giving up no matter the mistakes made in the past and how dark it can seem is highly important to me.
This is idea behind my brand Elephant and a lot of the lyrics that i write and record pertain to this.
It has taken many years of time and sweat, constant working on his flow to get it down to where others can feel his heart coming through his lyrics and there's no stopping him now.
Kaotic One has worked with artists such as HachiDaRaider,iLL-Melley,Sova Black,Tre Williams, and producers, 88 Drums, Sorrow Beats out of the Netherlands and Dj Dice out of the Philippines, Kali Kush
Be sure to look him up and prepare to open that mind. He's an acquired taste like a fine wine

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Kaoti One is an orignal unique rap artist out of Tucson,az originally from Fresno,ca. Kaotic One gets his style from listening to many different types of music and growing up around a lot of underground rap cats.

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Song Title: Game of Life

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Contact Artist: nevadaconell@gmail.com

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