Joshua Dean – Featured Artist

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Recording Artist: Joshua Dean

Genre: Hip hop , Rap

“From the time i know myself i been a music lover. I love all genres . Im actually quite different from other boys my age . I wasnt raised to be ghetto i was raised to be a gentleman . Always been money motovaited . I love to read books and surfing the web in my spare time learning new things . I try to live a life of purpose and humility knowing their are always younger ones that are looking on . I started making music because it was the only thing that made me escape the real world i was living in . That isnt to say i love day dreaming but its to say that when creating music you feel important . At the time i was going through a breakup ( dont we all) and i had recently relocated so i just made my first song at work on lunch came home, recorded it ,let my dad listen to it (blowed his mind away) we took it a while after to get studio recorded and the rest was history . What really inspires me are people that overcome the odds inspite of people input or advice and make them eat their words . People that never had it easy growing up because i am one of these perople . Not sterotyping rich people but i feel less fortunate ppl most of them have character . Rich folks too still just my opinion . What am i really trying to say is i love a great story that tells the tales of iconic heroes who never give up and whose stories are better than Drake, Tyler Perry , Lebron James , and Michael Jordan just to name a few”

Listen to Joshua Dean:

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