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St. Louis is known for being a place where artist achieve their creative break though; up and coming R&B artist Jezus Rose is smashing through bringing with him a fresh new sound to a genre that needs an exciting voice. Bryan Jones aka Jezus Rose was born in St. Louis, Missouri to a large family of 15 brothers and sisters. Music was his therapy to escape the problems that exists in the inner city. After witnessing the violence experience that happened to his father; their family moved to a small town in Missouri called Farmington and that is where he began to gain clarity about what he ultimately wanted to do with his life and that was to become an artist. All great artist that use their lyrics in an exceptional way to tell their stories. His raw voice is perfected with emotion and deep commitment to bring life to everything around him. Jezus’ new single FOOD was inspired by an ex-girlfriend that he sang to about all the things he would do if given the chance. Little did he know that those words are exactly what the world needs to hear right now and women across the world visualize themselves in every word! His wants to provide inspiration to people to do what they love regardless of the struggle they find themselves in and provide a better life for his family. Jezus Rose symbolizes a return to music that captures our desires, emotions and life moments with compassion. R&B is hungry and Jezus Rose is going to take his time to make sure we indulge!

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I'm an A&R for Los Angeles based record label "A Thousand Favors".
We are breeding some of the new best talent out of the west coast and around the country.

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Song Title: Bag

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Contact Artist: dionnmcgill@gmail.com

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