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Artist Name: Izakman

Artist Bio

My music has reminded people of Rock dinosaurs such as Beatles, Kinks, early Floyd, Smiths and The Cure.
My first inspiration to pursue music as a way of life was watching The Yellow Submarine at an early age.
I also studied animation and compose for television and theatre.

The music video for Cyber Love, Which I edited, was selected for three festivals, reaching the finalist position in Rome and the semi-finalist position in London.
I've also received favourable reviews from Subba cultcha for two singles.

Tell us who you are:

I'm an independent artist based in Israel. I've been performing under the stage name Izakman for a year and a half.
Izakman is an Art- rock project combining Britpop and British psychedelia elements. The songs from my upcoming album deal with current life issues combined with surreal imagery and fairytale references Like Pinnochio and Alice in Wonderland.

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Song Title: Cyber Love

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