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Latest Release: SHEESH

“i like to se myself as moving force of multi cultures in one i dont just bring ine view from the table i try to hit all angles possible but keep my shit different and true to how i am as a person and artist. On the creative side or the vibe persay i like to play along the lines of surrealism. For me taking my past and trying to deliver it in the most bizzare way but truthful everything in my songs truthful no cap but ass a artist first you know you gotta sprinkle yo black magic on it .”

Tell us all about this new track of yours!
the track submited (SHEESH) is just on a whole another level its combinen all the years of muisc mixed wit my sound and experiences put into wild ass trap rager. For everybody i played it for they get lit right off the rip . Ive had people slip the track through at mini functions and been gettn fire as results . I honeslty feel the world sleep but the people just aint seen or herd yet.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
foreal off back if i had a chance to sign a deal and colab wit anybody id have 4 specific artist on my album or tracks . It would probably be trippie redd,kanye west,thouxanban fauni, lil uzi vert, and ligotit , othats just the first of the colabs hella mfkas im tryna work wit

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?
Im from MIDWEST EASTSIDE 3500 indanapolis indiana. The music scene or scene period here super mixed . Shit feel like the 80s but modern times we got metal bands, Rappers,sythnwave. goths, all that combined into one my time here fr shaped my sound heavily with the influence. I mean of course you got your seperate genres and culutre bt most part seam like everybody sharing lifestyle/fashion/shows but alot of artist out here can be fake or un supportive.

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
most definitly ive been through hella shit from just growing up even thi ibwas blessed to have a mom n pops around shit was still crazy you feel me i was still in probably most dangerous hood in my city if not in midwest at the time besides oblock n shit, but yeh it just started from younging minor shit come home gas or water might be out for fee days or lights n shit bills might not be paid yfm, then as i got older it became more my surroundings i figured that was insane, starting getting into street shit , and for the viewers at home they know what come wit that but uk the trapping, i been shot at couple times, been off the drugs heavy i don lost niggas to the grind over bullshit or overdoses. My brother which who i started this music shit with tried to killhim self by burning himself on fire .Alot of shit really but i never let that make the entiretly of who i am as a person vut for the music that was my outlet to process all that shit.

Which character in your favorite movie do you most identify with? Why?
to be honest to many to name but to give yall and idea i mess wit movies like inception,matrix,fear and loathing las vegas, anything quentin tarintino all 8 or 9 movies, i fuck wit hood classic menace to scociety, the wood, paid im full, new jack city, and shit helly other small company films

Can you give us a sample of YUNG.GASHEAD music?

you can reach me at any social media by : @yung.gashead
#instagram #youtube #soundcloud #lum just look me up everywhere we lit

#rap #hiphop #pop #interview #YUNG.GASHEAD

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