Interview: retarc

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Artist Name: retarc
Latest Release: Rebel w/Emb3r

“I am a 15 year old rapper from Nashville and I want to build a career off of it”

The track?
This is a freestyle that I did with my friend Emb3r, we did it as a back and forth song as a way to change things up a bit.

Dream collaboration?

Where is home and what is the scene like?
I’m from Nashville Tennessee, so I hear all kinds of music. But mostly rap, country, and pop

How has living life influenced your music?
Yes, I grew up as a middle class kid with 3 siblings and heard rap first as an 8 year old. I heard lose yourself by Eminem and he has been my favorite rapper ever since then.

Favorite movie?
My favorite movie is semi pro starring Will Ferrell. I identify best with Jackie moon because we are both music artists

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