Interview: Lyng

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Artist Name: Lyng

“I'm different in the way that I approach music and see through all the bullshit in the industry even tho I'm only 17. I work hard and make stuff happen.

I don't sit around waiting for stuff to happen, expecting that everything will go my way. So I'm learning how to do everything myself. And still seek out for help when that's needed.

I see the reality of how hard the industry is, but also the simplicity of it. I know how to make a living out music, so that's what I'm planning to do. wait maximum 5 years and I'm one of the greats in Norway.”
I usually make hip-pop / emo rap style music. I have performed at 2 stages in a small town called Mysen in Norway. But as soon as Covid-19 starts slowing down I have 3 shows coming up in different places in Norway.
Just do whatever makes you happy and work hard for your goals. If you do this nothing can stop you!

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?
I am from Norway. The music scene here is very big and full of variety. I feel like my style of music can really shine here.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?
Rich Brian, juice wrld, joji, xxxtentacion, lil peep, unge ferrari, karpe

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
Honestly I hav experienced a lot of shit in my life. But it only made me stronger. And I love to explain my feelings and life through music. As music is the only medium I find myself connecting with.

How can fans learn more about you?
Twitter: https://

Shop / Merch:

Can you give us a sample of Lyng music?

The Supreme Team is excited to feature Lyng on our upcoming Supreme HEAT playlist compilation. Follow us at for updates.


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