Interview: LaVictor

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Artist Name: LaVictor
Latest Release: touch the sky

“I'm a 13 year old artist trying to keep things uplifting making music that can touch you, and making with different moods.”

The track?
This song is to help us make our dreams come true to help us touch the sky, and we need that now because of covid-19, we need to know that we'll make it.

Dream collaboration?
ian dior

Where is home and what is the scene like?
Charlotte north Carolina is the place I lay my head, the music scene we have a lot of small artist but a few big ones and i want to be one of the big ones.

How has living life influenced your music?
I all ways loved music from being 5 and being able to Freestyle and recording at 13. I all ways herd your not going to be a big rapper because I'm so young, and then they say if you do have one good song it will be the last and that keeps me pushing.

Favorite movie?
I'm a spider-man dude i loved spider-man my whole life but my favorite movie has to be spider-man into the spider verse, because me and miles have a lot in common. Like how we are both the same age, we are both artistic in different way, and how we found ourselves yet.

Let’s plug that LaVictor music!

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