Interview: Ethan McMenamy

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Artist Name: Ethan McMenamy
Latest Release: What You Mean 😢

“Ethan McMenamy (born April 19, 2007) is an american YouTuber and popular Irish/Texan musical artist. His surge to fame started on his song called ‘'Wendy’‘ it has about 1k views. Ethan also got fame for his real life plane videos and his Roblox plane videos. Around 2009 Ethan left Ireland and moved to Texas with his family.

Right after (or even months before) Ethan has over a mass of 1 thousand followers on Instagram plus the followers from his other social media platforms, he easily gained popularity on YouTube, where he uploads daily vlogs. Ethan McMenamy experienced a surge in viewership. Along with the miraculous amounts of views, criticism has followed. He has been known to make music and become an Instagram Star.

His musical popularity began and skyrocketed after the release of “Full Send” Almost overnight, Since its Febuary 13, 2017 release, the song has accumulated over 2.3k views on YouTube in 2021.

Around the End of 2020 he announced he would start making beats for his own songs and for other people.”

Tell us all about this new track of yours!
What you mean is a track about this girl. It is produced by Pi'erre Bourne and written by the known Rapper, Ethan McMenamy. It was released on February the 14th

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Cris Aye

Where are you from and what is the music scene like?
I am from Ireland. A-lot of the different type beats, new music.

How have your life experiences influenced your music?
I love my music.

Which character in your favorite movie do you most identify with? Why?
The Polar Express

Can you give us a sample of Ethan McMenamy music? McMenamy/Ethan McMenamy

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