Interview: 97youngboi

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Artist Name: 97youngboi
Latest Release: Side by side

“I just want to have fun and enjoy life while it lasts because nothin is forever”

The track?
I was up at 3am thinking about this girl I had a crush on we have been friends for a while and I don’t even know if she knows I like her

Dream collaboration?
Mbnel or stupid young

Where is home and what is the scene like?
I’m from Tacoma Washington but I have lived in Eugene for 3 years both places have a decent music scene you get anything and everything when it comes to the different kinds of artist you run into

How has living life influenced your music?
It just gives me something to talk about I guess I have been through some pretty rough patches in my life but I don’t put that in my music because it’s just too personal to be putting out there for the world to hear

Favorite movie?
My favorite movie is probably pulp fiction or the butterfly effect pretty much anything with a twist. I don’t really like comparing myself to other people because it’s an easy way for me to lose track of myself and what I want to accomplish

Let’s plug that 97youngboi music!

Find on social:
My Instagram is @97youngboi
My Twitter is @king_brailey


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