Instagram Reels: The TikTok Replacement

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Artists to Watch

Instagram Reels: Getting Started

With all of the controversy surrounding TikTok and its fate – it was simply a matter of time before big tech stepped in. Social media powerhouse Instagram has developed a new feature called ‘Reels’ and it looks like it is receiving many positive reviews. However, how does it compare to its predecessor or rival Triller? First off, it should be expected but Reels posts are shared with a creators existing following. Most noteworthy, this can either be good or bad depending on how new content is found. TikTok was generating new personalities and rising stars. Will Reels users just mainly be the most popular Instagram accounts, leaving it more difficult to find aspiring influencers? Let’s dive into the features and how they might work for Instagram SoundCloud.

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Instagram Reels: The Basics

The first feature we will discuss may define the previous question. Within ‘Explore’ users are able to share their reels within their feed and make them available to a larger audience. Furthermore, you can create your own Reels by selecting the option at the bottom of the Instagram camera. Additionally, there are a variety of audio and video editing tools and effects.

Ultimately, being successful with Instagram Reels comes down to your own creativity. With so many questions still up in the air, it is hard to predict how successful this feature will be. A big part of what made TikTok so successful was that their music library was very large. Reels operates off of Facebook and their limited library. However, musicians can create songs and still add them to Instagram the way they previously were. This is helpful for any Instagram SoundCloud campaign. Furthermore, since Instagram Reels is new – maybe it is the right time to get in. A unique approach to using the tool may yield positive results. Perhaps this is your chance to break out.

Time will tell if Instagram Reels has what it takes to rival TikTok. Most noteworthy, for now, might as well learn how to use it.

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