Instagram For Business: 6 Things You Need To Know In 2020

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Artists to Watch

If your goal is to expand your business this year through Soundcloud and Spotify, using Instagram can be a highly beneficial platform for reaching out to a wide audience of targeted followers. If you are interested in using Instagram to its maximum potential this year, it’s essential that you can follow some of the latest trends.

Remember that Instagram is a platform that is consistently changing, and having an audience that’s regularly growing can be a fundamental way that you can succeed on the platform. To make sure that you can continually improve your audience, you need to be able to engage with your audience.

Here are some of the best trends you should be tracking in 2020 for Instagram and building a following:

You need to be using IGTV

IGTV is one of the most popular platforms that can be used to capture audiences and to engage with your audience. Several updates have occurred on the IGTV platform this year, and the IGTV tab within the navigation of the application ensures that any content creator can quickly connect with their audience and that people over the platform will be able to explore IGTV feeds so that they can learn more from the top content creators they are interested in.

Optimized stories

Stories on Instagram are also capturing many viewers. The platform had lunch in 2016, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  Nearly 500,000,000 active users are watching stories on Instagram each day. The company has made the process of sharing optimize stories much easier as well. It’s now easy to share all of your Instagram stories to Facebook automatically, and there are new analytics tools that you can use with your optimized stories too.

Instagram shopping

You can use Instagram shopping as a full-fledged shopping platform today. Rather than having to set up a website, you can set up a shop on Instagram and make the process of selling items very easy. Instagram has included the option to sell so many products, including tagging products on stories, checking out on the platform, offering discount codes, and more.

Even large companies are using tweets and memes

Several larger companies are using memes and tweets today. Sharing humor and creating viral content in 2020 is an excellent way that you can build your audience and get people to come into your Instagram page. Creating a pattern of viral content will have people continually visiting your page and creating a humor profile for your brand.

Interactive content

More interactive content has become a popular choice for many channels. Many platforms have content that is trending across the platform that features interactive elements. Adding stories that also have quizzes, questions, polls, and other methods of interacting with a post will show more value than a post that addresses the audience without any interaction in the content.

Getting into authentic posts

Instagram users are tired of looking at highly edited and professionally prepared posts. What many brands are doing is reaching out to influencers and having them where and use their products for natural and authentic posts. Posted seems more authentic, and relatable will resonate with the audience more effectively. Being bombarded by ads is never going to help a business to succeed. Luckily there are many platforms where you can reach out to influencers for paid posts. You can work at improving the quality of authenticity in your company posts by doing things like tours, staff profiles, and more—making sure that just a small portion of your content is directed at ads and sales, and you can start to generate more significant results with your Instagram page.

How to get more leads through Soundcloud and Spotify

One of the easiest ways that you can access more leads for your Instagram page is to consider the option to buy points for Social media. Working with a company that has created cultivated leads for nearly any type of page over Soundcloud and Spotify can be a fantastic way that you can get access to more followers and potentially more customers that you can engage with. By following some of the top trends in 2020 and working to capture more promising leads, you can work at generating a more significant impact on your Instagram page. Do not forget about the other Soundcloud and Spotify, especially SoundCloud. This social platform is also a great place where you can earn more leads.

Follow some of these top tips for 2020 and creating greater engagement with your Instagram page. Consider that by making some of these changes to your page, you can generate more considerable benefits on the platform this year.


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