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Artist Name: Henrik Nilsson

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My musical journey started back when I was 10 years old. My mother had bought me a kids keyboard for my 10th birthday. At the age of 12 I started taking piano lessons and my highschool was filled with music. All from Dj:ing at my schools youth center to performing on stage making covers of SCOOTER with a keybaord at school. One of my biggest memories is when school had a musical evening when we kids could perform for our parents and friends. I was performing a Billy Idol track but the version SCOOTER had done called "Rebel Yell". I was first up and at the end of the soundcheck people started to enter and I had not even left the stage. The room got hammered with people within a minute and I started to get really nervous. But it went very well. I also performed "The Age Of Love" also a cover of SCOOTER.  At the age of 18 I started musical school that lasted for 3 years. I homed my skills on piano and on vocals. After my time in school my music production was put on hold for several years ahead. In 2016 I met my mentor Tim who I started ProjecT-H with and he helped me out a lot both with guidance and inspiration. We released 2 tracks together. Oceansoul and Exploring The Multiverse. He also helped me out with "Forever". In 2019 he decided to cut ties and leave so ProjecT-H went to the ground but I started to make my own music under my new alias "Henrik Nilsson". I released a track that I dedicated to my girlfriend who left this earth too soon, with the 1st lady of trance Jan Johnston called “ Forever” and my debut at Pure Energy Records. 

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My name is Henrik and my music is very energetic, driving and emotional. People will listen because they will get moved..

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Song Title: Forever

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