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Artist Name: Heath Not Keith

Artist Bio

As Heath Not Keith I have released 4 albums while a 5th is currently due out next March. I have accumalated around 9,000 plays on streaming sites. I'm an old school artist so a lot of my influences are from 90's and back.

Tell us who you are:

My name is Heath Benson and I write and record under the name Heath Not Keith. You can describe my sound as punk rock with a pop influence. The overall theme for most of my songs are around 1980's pop culture. I infuse some humor to the lyrics and all the 80's references give off a sense of nostalgia.

Discover this artist:

I'm on all streaming sites. Here is the link to Spotify as well: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1wSPa1Yy2zm2ixrRfgdLRq?si=AM5mJmCHQEuy4sgImGEKoQ

Song Title: 80's Mixtape

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Contact Artist: heath@visible.edu

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