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by | Nov 4, 2020 | New Artist Interviews

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Recording Artist: Földes

“I’m a DJ/Producer from Malmö (Sweden) that fell in love with the art of the DJ already in 2007. For a Decade now I have done Music full time with several gigs a week. I have played many venues around the globe, for example: Big Slap Festival (Malmö), Project X Festival (Malmö) Terassen (Växjö), 1902 (Växjö), Klikk (Budapest), Park Lane (Gothenburg), Pineapple House (Antigua), Ritz (Örebro), Strandgatan (Örnsköldsvik), Slagthuset (Malmö), Pumpehuset (Copenhagen), Wonk (Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg), Castle (Ayia Napa, DJ Mag Top 100 Club) to name a few.

As a DJ, My sets are extremely energetic and one of my strongest sides is that I have a very confident stage presence. Since being a resident DJ for many years and being used to play 5+ Hour sets I like to not being stuck to one House genre and thats why I wind my sets between different House genres in a smooth and tasteful way, keeping the dance floor moving at all times.

With my own productions my singles “Close To Me”, “Red Room” and “Senses” as well as my official Remix of “Sebastian Parks track “Tell Me” have all been in the Beatport top 100 charts in their respective genre! And my track “Close To Me” is going really well on Spotify atm and will soon hit 400 000 plays!”

Listen to Földes on SoundCloud:

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