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#Fer Lua
Artist Name: Fer Lua

Artist Bio

Metal Guitarrist since i was 12 years old, growing around music since school on the music conservatory of my city, Morelia Mexico. Learning something new every day. Now the director of Unearthly records.
I am the singer, songwriter, composer and editor of all my songs,
Spanish is my mother lenguaje and I have a few songs of pop rock in spanish.
mostly of my music you can hear my influences by electronic, rock, pop, alternative, low deep, reggae, etc.

Tell us who you are:

Hello! My name is Fer Lúa, I am an independent music creator from México. I had been guitarrist in many different local metal and hard core punk bands since I was 12 years old and now I am working on my own proyect UNEARTHLY Records.
Time has change so do I. I post new songs almost every few weeks and i have a lot of material and i am promoting my self algo on instagram and social media.
I have some old videos of me on live but with very bad quality in a few metal fests.

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Youtube link with 14 videos available:
(I am the guy with the long hair)
Instagram with mire of 1k followers:
And new on tiktok:
(Not sure if the link is ok)

Song Title: Fiction

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